Stavenisse II

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Client: Rijkswaterstaat
Contractor: GMB _ Placement Boot
Dimensions: 40.000 m2
Duration: April - November

Between April 1st and November 1st, the dike near Stavenisse will be strengthened over a length of 4 kilometers (2,9 miles) by Project bureau Zeeweringen and the Water board Scheldestromen, together with constructer GMB and Boot water construction.

Stavenisse is, since the big North Sea floods of 1953, a key point in the coastal defense of the Netherlands. In 2013 the first section of Stavenisse was enhanced and in 2014 the next section of Stavenisse, the North polder, will be protected against the elements.

In the Project Stavenisse II, old Haringman blocks are turned and placed in the low tide-zone. In the average and high tide-zone Projectbureau Zeeweringen and the constructor chose the new sustainable Hillblocks for improved protection. They prefer these blocks, because they provide a stable revetment with also a strong wave run-up reduction.
October 1st al mayor construction work is finished, after that the properties and lives behind the dikes will be protected against floods in the storm season.

During the construction of the dike photo’s will be taken and placed on the website. Click here to see the photo’s.

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