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The Dutch are world leaders in flood prevention and water management. And they need to, since a large part of the Netherlands is below sea-level and the country being home to the expansive river deltas of the Rhine and the Maas. A long tradition in dike (levee) building along with a strong innovative culture have led to the implementation of a new standard in Dutch coastal protection. The Hillblock is now the proven frontline in the battle against flooding and erosion and it is ready for its international roll-out.

Stronger levees at a lower cost

The Hillblock represents a major advance in shoreline and river bank protection. It is a highly innovative and unique revetment block that uses proven technology. The patented design of this concrete block is used to line slopes and significantly reduces the impact of waves and wave run-up compared to existing types of shore protection. The use of the Hillblock means that revetments require less, if any heightening. The Hillblock’s shape and mass not only make it cheaper to produce but also make the slope more stable, making them better for the environment and easier to put in place. The development of the Hillblock represents a new standard in coastal protection.

Hillblock was invented by Hans Hill and filed for patent protection in 2011. In 2012 the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment (Rijkswaterstaat) rigorously tested the Hillblock in the famous Delta Wave Flume. The stability of the Hillblock not only met but exceeded all expectations. Also in 2012 Hillblock found her first licensee and partner when the Royal Dutch Martens Group was contracted to produce the Hillblock. In 2012 the first Hillblock sea revetment was realized together with Martens in the Stavenisse (NL). In October 2013 a second Hillblock revetment, this time a river revetment, was completed near Alblasserdam also in the Netherlands. In the spring of 2014 Rijkswaterstaat is conducting a second test to approve and support the maximum wave abatement of the Hillblock.

Unique Properties

The clever design of the Hillblock is the key to its unique properties.
• By absorbing the energy out of the wave, the Hillblock generates 30-50% greater wave abatement, and therefore reduces the need for dike heightening.
• The design produces stability. The blocks work as one and the hollow spaces and water channels remove pressure from under the blocks. This results in a very stable dike.
• A stable dike using less concrete. The Hillblock may even reduce the usage of concrete by up to 50%, which in turn reduces costs and the environmental impact.
• The combination of greater wave abatement and more stability makes the Hillblock perfect for reducing erosion.
• The Hillblock is a standard production process. In addition the process of placing the blocks is very straightforward since the blocks are easy to handle.
• A slope with Hillblock revetments looks stylish and attractive.
• Hillblocks are multi-functional
• A slope with Hillblocks is self-cleaning

Hillblock’s features result in stronger dikes at lower costs, with less environmental impact.

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