For an optimum in wave run-up reduction, maybe the cheapest way is to place huge layers of ruble stone as a shore revetment.
Such revetment will reduce the wave run-up with 50%.

The big disadvantage of these ruble stone slopes is that they need a lot of space in order to function as a stable and safe revetment. The gradient of the slope starts at a minimum of 1:4 all the way up to a flat surface (beach as wave reduction). In urban areas these slopes are no option. Also the access on rumble stone revetments for maintenance is very difficult.

Hillblock: steep slope and accessible for maintanance

Hillblocks can reduce the wave-run up with at least 30% on a slope that starts with a gradient from 1:2 or flatter.
The usage of Hillblocks are ideal for populated or urban areas where there's a lack of space or expansion capacity.

An other advantage of the blocks is the flat top, so vehicles can access the revetment easily for maintenance.

Video specifications:

On the video you can see a pick up truck and a midi digger of 8 kiloton.

With of the band 450 mm
Ground Pressure 35 kPa (0.36 kgf/cm2)
Fraction force 60.4 kN (6 160 kgf)

The forces were applied to a 20 cm Hillblock (Base and Slim model)



Model Testing Report DMC 1:10 Read more
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