The Hillblock is a proven-technology, innovative revetment block, with a number of unique features. This slope-lining concrete block produces significantly greater wave abatement and substantially less wave run-up than existing bank and shore protection. The use of the Hillblock means that revetments require less, if any heightening.
The block’s shape and mass also make it more stable, better for the environment and easier to put in place. The development of the Hillblock represents a new standard in coastal protection. The result: stronger revetments at lower cost.

Improved conservation and reduced erosion

The Hillblock is a revetment block which absorbs wave energy. This reduces the pressure under the blocks and the wave run-up is greatly reduced. This results in improved conservation and management and less revetment erosion.

Existing revetment stones only try to stand firm against the water. The forces of the water in existing river or sea walls are absorbed by a layer of conventional revetment. The wave breaks on this hard shield intended to protect both the dike itself as well as its hinterland. In conventional revetment the energy of the wave is only partially absorbed and thus the wave runs high up against the dike, causing overtopping. In addition to handling heavy overtopping it also increases the risk of revetment collapse. The combination of the power of the incoming wave with the suction effect of the receding wave, causes the stone to be pressed out of the dike. To counter this effect, heavier embankment stones have always been used.



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