Environmental benefits

Environmentally the Hillblock offers lot of advantages.

Less concrete

Less concrete is needed for the production of Hillblocks. This can vary in range from 30 up to 50 percent less concrete than in existing dyke blocks. This percentage remains the same for all types of Hillblock.
The patented design of this concrete block is used to line slopes and significantly reduces the impact of waves and wave run-up compared to existing types of shore protection. The use of the Hillblock means that revetments require less, if any heightening. The Hillblock’s shape and mass not only make it cheaper to produce but also make the slope more stable, making them better for the environment and easier to put in place.

Less transport / CO2

Less concrete means proportionately less weight. More m2 Hillblocks can be transported per m2 than dense stone columns of similar heights. Less trucks, less CO2 emission.


Due to its design the hollow spaces of the blocks provide living space for flora and fauna, both above and below water. For river basins and the upper edge of the dikes it's possible to fill the hollow spaces with soil, sand and vegetation in order to create a Nature-friendly Shore.
In the near feature it will be possible to realize a green dike with the stable advantages of a stone levee.

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